Joseph Dlama, Abubakar Matthew , Timothy  Edward , gloria Dlama

  1. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital Bauchi, Nigeria. email:josephdlama@gmail.com
  2. Department of Radiography, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria
  3. Radiology Department, Jos University Teaching hospital, Plateau State.


Infection prevention and control is a global concern in health care practise and delivery. In consonance with international best practice, consolidated , explicit and conscientious measures should be inculcated to avoid further spread of infection among medical and health care workers. This study is aimed at evaluating the knowledge , attitudes and level of practice of infection prevention and control measures among practising Radiographers in a metropolis in North -east Nigeria. A total of 37 practising Radiographers filled and returned questionnaire from the Hospitals within Maiduguri metrolpolis between  April to september 2014. A prospective , cross – sectional and decriptive study was employed in this study.;descriptive statistical tool was used to generate frequencies and percentages. In occupational training out of the participant. Majority of the respondents 70.3{038adbe3a7edaf90e1349156d196e3b51ad483919cff79dc47c1b977a5d23ff0} (n=26) and 51.4{038adbe3a7edaf90e1349156d196e3b51ad483919cff79dc47c1b977a5d23ff0} (n =19) do not often wear mask, eye protector and or respirator and 86.5{038adbe3a7edaf90e1349156d196e3b51ad483919cff79dc47c1b977a5d23ff0} (n = 32) disinfect cassette before use. These study shows that the use of gloves, coats and disinfecting cassette before use were good. Majority of the respondents 936.7{038adbe3a7edaf90e1349156d196e3b51ad483919cff79dc47c1b977a5d23ff0} (n =36) have knowledge of standard precaution on how to protect both the patient, the Radiographer(s). 75.7{038adbe3a7edaf90e1349156d196e3b51ad483919cff79dc47c1b977a5d23ff0} (n = 28) had knowledge of standard precaution on the use of gloves. Only13.5{038adbe3a7edaf90e1349156d196e3b51ad483919cff79dc47c1b977a5d23ff0} (n = 5) have knowledge of risk of splashes or spray of blood fluids and 51.4{038adbe3a7edaf90e1349156d196e3b51ad483919cff79dc47c1b977a5d23ff0} (n =19) had knowledge of hands washing with alcohol- based hand rub. There was also no association between the practice and knowledge of infection control measures. In conclusion, this study reveals that the radiographer’s practice and knowledge regarding infection control and standard precautions were good. But the study recommended the need for training and retraining on infections and practice

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