At the end of her Council/General meeting in Abuja on 11th and 12th May 2018, the two day meeting attracted members from all parts of the country where issues affecting the profession and her members as well as the ongoing Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) strike were discussed and the following resolutions were reached:

  1. That the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria is in full support of the ongoing national strike embarked upon by the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU), to address the injustices and unfair treatments meted to her members by the Federal Government.
  2. We demand the immediate implementation and upward review of CONHESS salary structure, professional autonomy, release of circulars for the review of retirement age, implementation of existing court judgments by the National Industrial Court in favour of JOHESU members, payment of arrears and immediate employment of more staff to strengthen the health sector.
  3. Appointment of Chief Executives of Teaching and Specialist Hospitals should not be restricted to one professional group but open to all qualified health professionals to ensure competitiveness and checks and balances that will bring out the best with managerial capacity.
  4. We encourage members to celebrate this year’s “World Radiography Day” on the 8th November 2018 as a Branch. The National Executive Council also adopted a uniform color, logo, theme and design for T shirts and caps during the celebration.
  5. The theme adopted for this year’s National Conference and Scientific Workshop is “Evolution in Radiography Practice: Obligations of Practitioners and the Public” and will hold in Abuja – the Federal Capital Territory – from the 21st – 25th November, 2018. We encourage a great attendance as this year’s Conference coincides with the 60th Anniversary of the Association which will be celebrated in grand style.
  6. A four man committee for Radiography development was set up to address challenges that affect the Profession and bring up strategies to enhance growth in Radiography/Medical Imaging practice in Nigeria.
  7. The Council approved the establishment of a Radio-Diagnostic Center in Abuja with the state of the art equipment to address the growing health care needs and enhance professional training and education of Radiographers.
  8. Our attention has been drawn to some Schools /Colleges of Health Technology across the country offering courses leading to the award of OND/certificates in Medical Imaging Technology without approval /accreditation from RRBN. We make bold to say that RRBN is the only regulatory body established by Law to set standards of training, accredit and regulate the practice of Radiography and any other related discipline (Decree 42 of 1987, now Cap R1 LFN 2004). Radiography is a five year B. Sc degree program run in Nigerian universities. The B.Sc degree is currently the minimum qualification for entry into public service in Nigeria to practice Radiography. We vehemently condemn quackery in Radiography and Medical Imaging practice in Nigeria.
  9. The newly elected executives of the Abuja Branch were inaugurated.



We appeal to the general public to hear our story, hear our cries and know that we are not just recalcitrants but that we are fighting for our rights. We are seeking long lasting pain reliever to the little pains the ongoing strike may be causing because when we are happy, we are able to deliver on our deliverables, we are able to work with passion and we are able to treat our patients as individuals with empathy and compassion, then they will be happy as citizens of this country Nigeria and they will be happy with us as Professionals. It is not in our goodwill to embark on strike. We want to reassure the federal government and minister of health that we are happy to work but we are also calling and asking for our rights. We urge them to accede to the demands of JOHESU in the best interest of our national polity.



Elizabeth Balogun

Dambele Musa
National Secretary